About the Blog

This style blog is devoted to my likes, dislikes,local fashion in San Francisco,discoveries of new brands, and my own style. I also like to write articles on the history of fashion and the aspects within. I want this blog to be informative, inspiring, and relatable.

About the Girl
 My name is Angelic ( traditionally spelled Angelique), its French and I love it. I'm a blogger, who is obsessed with shoes. I have been blogging since I was a high school junior.

On a professional note, I have taken pre-college classes at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco and have styled a photo shoot. I modeled in a community runway show, in 2010. I attended Teen Vogue Fashion U 2011 and my picture was published in the November 2011 issue of Teen Vogue.

 I am currently studying Fashion Merchandising at City College of San Francisco.  I aspire to be a fashion journalist. I consider myself a devoted and successful blogger and, really, blogging has been a good stepping stone towards fashion journalism.

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