Monday, November 4, 2013

SF Fashionable Date Series No.1

" The Dating Series: Number One"
by Angelic Roman

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If the best blog post ideas come from conversations, is art then a reflection of life? Let's just skip the philosophy and firmly assert, "yes". A few weeks ago, I was babbling on to a friend about cool date ideas for San Francisco and we decided this best be turned into a blog post, with the fashionable addition of what to wear on said dates. So, here it goes: love advice from the single girl. 

Plot twist: the creative, single girl with time to think up these ideas for future dates in this bonafide city of love.

Idea #1: A Ferry Boat Ride

We Bay Area citizens are absurdly fortunate to be surrounded by the beautiful bay; hence the meaning behind "The Golden Gate" anyone? Thus a ferry ride, which will last you about two hours to your destination of choice and back to the city provides the chance for some beautiful vistas and cold-weather cuddling. Editor's note: Yes, I just wrote, "cold-weather cuddling". Add a cup of hot chocolate, served on board, and good conversation and you've got yourself a recipe for date success. Also, consider taking the last ferry ride to get a stunning view of the city lit up at night.

Now, most importantly, What To Wear: 

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If you're going to be sailing the bay, you're going to be cold, hence the San Francisco secret: layers. For the more adventurous, try giving that summertime maxi skirt some autumn love and pairing it with a sweater and boots. Otherwise, you can stick with something casual, like jeans and a trench coat.

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For information on the San Francisco Bay Ferry, visit their website.
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