Sunday, November 17, 2013

Style File No.1

by Angelic Roman

It's crunch time. If you're a student, I know you can relate. If you're a holiday-celebrating being, I know you can relate. The semester is coming to a close, the gift list are coming out,  and the buzz has indeed begun. Amidst, this chaos, I got a job. My bank account is happy and so am I, as eager as I am about fashion any experience is good experience. However, all of this business left me staring at my closet reaching for both work and school appropriate outfits. 

Before I begin, allow me to state that I fully believe in the approach I am about to relay. In the words of Pamela Keogh, "What would Audrey do?" Audrey Hepburn that is. Trust me, this question once helped me endure a cut-too-short bang disaster. In an inspiration rut, Audrey is always the solution to dressing classically and , may I add, timelessly. Hence, it was only natural that I turn to this approach with my outfit woes.

By combining all-black, flats, pearls, and a trench coat, we can all get out the door on time and always chic!

And if you're in need of a coffee table book, you must check out Pamela Keogh's book, What Would Audrey Do?

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Collage done on polyvore

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