Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Traveling Diaries No.6

"The Grand Budapest Escapade"
by Angelic Roman

Taking a plane around the world is thrilling in the sense that I can now call myself a "world traveler". This semester, I got a week's long spring break and after careful planning with my roommates, we settled on three cities. The first stop being Budapest, Hungary.

It was breathtaking.

And also left me with a lack of words.

I was especially excited to get a chance to see all of the richness of Hungary, since last year I toyed with the idea of using Hungarian embroidery as the basis for my research report. The history of Hungarian embroidery goes back thousands of years and still finds its way onto runways today. The Spring/Summer 2012 show by Alice McCall brought Hungarian dolls to life with beautiful, delicate prints. Naturally, I had to find the fashion angle on this beautiful city and use it as a platform to investigate some more. 

I found a wonderful article on this history of the designs in the embroidery here.

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