Friday, February 21, 2014

The Traveling Diaries No. 7

"Paris is Burning"
by Angelic Roman

I was something like sixteen years old when the song, "Paris is Burning", by Ladyhawke burned itself into my memory. It was the first song I could think of when we touched ground in Paris, France. I'll spare you the details on how starry-eyed I felt and how serendipitous it was to actually be in the city of fashion.

What I will elaborate upon, though, is the sheer and crisp perfection of Paris. It did not disappoint, from it's window displays to it's food- everything was just as you'd daydream it would be. One of childhood dreams was to visit the infamous tea house Laduree. There is enough beauty in this fashionable tea house to inspire anyone in their endeavors.

As I sipped their Marie Antoinette tea I reflected on all of the history which took place in this wonderful city, particularly the fashion history. The giants like Coco Chanel, Christian Dior,  & Yves Saint Laurent got their start here. Furthermore, women's fashion as we know it got it's start here with the infamous Rose Bertin (Marie Antoinette's designer) and shortly thereafter Charles Worth.

One could dare to say you can breathe the fashion here & that is certainly what I did.

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