Monday, December 9, 2013

Diaries of a Fashion Student No.3

"The Final Act"
by Angelic Roman

Finals are upon us and somehow I didn't even correlate this play on words, until I got to typing.  Allow me to elaborate: for my Fashion Styling course, the final took the form of a final project. We had to conduct an editorial, based on an icon.

My partner and I decided to use Joan Jett, in her Runaway days. As the days passed by and our research commenced, we were thrilled to learn that The Runaways' last performance as a group was actually held here in good ol' San Francisco, at The Cow Palace. In our delirium, we dedicated our concept to their final act and drew inspiration from concert themes, leather, and that lovely helping of black eye makeup which no true rocker girl could live without.

We were delighted to work with Talya Brott, Alee Kwahow, and Orchid Satelitte.

So without further ado, our results:

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  1. The first picture is fantastic! The girl with the yellow hair is looking drunk but I suppose that pulled together the scene VERY well :)

    ~ onetrueboy