Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Traveling Diaries No.8

"From the Legion to Versailles"
by Angelic Roman

I remember it like it was yesterday, perhaps that it what is most chill-inducing. It was March of 2013 and the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, CA was holding an exhibit in which some of Marie Antoinette's furniture would be be showcased. To my utter delight they had a door from Versailles and I remember standing just inches from it, observing all of the scratches from the French Revolution and feeling aghast that a door from Versailles was in front of me. If I could have known that only a year later,  I would be standing in Versailles, I wouldn't have believed it.

As many know, Versailles lies outside of Paris, it is massive and opulent, and the glory of it was all the more pronounced on the overcast day we got to visit it.

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