Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Traveling Diaries No.12

"Salvatore Ferragamo"
by Angelic Roman

One of the things I was most excited for while here was the chance to visit the Salvatore Ferragamo headquarters. For the past couple of years I enjoyed learning the history of the brand and now, finally being here, I could relish in the ingenuity of his footwear. I was lucky enough to visit the museum on a day in which they hosted an exhibit on footwear in fairytales, it was truly magical.

Pictures weren't allowed inside the museum, so I settled for capturing one of the bathroom counter and their oversized perfume bottles.

Now onto some history behind the brand:

Salvatore Ferragamo learned to cobble shoes as a youth in a small town in Italy. During the early 20th century he made his way to America and finally landed in Hollywood in 1923. He went on to open a shop which produced quality footwear with comfort (a few years earlier he'd studied anatomy in Santa Barbara). He became the shoe maker to the Hollywood stars and was frequently commissioned to produce shoes for movies. In 1927 he returned to Italy and opened shop in Florence, setting up a factory that ensured the high quality of his shoes. He was innovative and created what we know today as the platform heel.

There really are some wonderful books and I highly encourage anyone interested to do some in-depth reading on his story and see his marvelous designs.

For some book options click here.

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