Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Traveling Diaries No.17

"When in Italy, Buy Gloves"
by Angelic Roman

I remember being in class the very first semester of college, my fashionable teacher told us, "If you're ever in Italy, buy gloves". I deemed it advice that I would most certainly take, especially since the prospect of buying shoes diminished when I saw prices heading towards the 300 Euro range. A pair of gloves, coming to around 60 Euro seemed much more possible. I did my research and found a couple places that specialized in gloves and then visited each shop before I actually found a pair I liked.

The first place on the list was Madova gloves, which is located just before crossing the Ponte Vecchio. They have been there since 1919 and is a family-run business. They are unique in the fact that they still sell gloves only they produce. Sadly, I didn't find a pair that I really loved at Madova, but the day was saved when I came across Luciano.

Luciano gloves has been in business for 44 years, not nearly as long, but their gloves are equally as stunning. The clerks were really very helpful and spoke good English; they were even patient with me when I insisted they communicate with me and my paltry Italian. It was desperately hard to choose, especially when I would say something like, "Do you have a pair in navy blue?" and out would come about 15 pairs of soft leather gloves.

I finally settled on a pair of burgundy leather gloves and walked away happily to eat dessert at Piazza della Repubblica  at Gilli's.

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